CBD Vape E-Liquids

Positive changes in the laws across the globe are helping many get safe, legal access to quality CBD vape juice and E-liquid brands. It’s also led to a product explosion on the market with a variety of options, such as different flavors, strengths, terpenes, and different thinning agents.

CBD Vape Juice, E-Liquid, Oil: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve heard these terms thrown around, but don’t know the distinctions between them, you’re not alone. The growing popularity of CBD, a derivative of the hemp and cannabis plants (NOT the seeds), is leading to changes, improvements, and new products in the news or on the shelves almost daily. It’s nearly impossible for any single person to keep track.

CBD vape juice and E-Liquid are two names for the same product—CBD oil that works with most oil vape pens. To use, just pour the oil into any vape tank, heat, and inhale!

The CBD oil that’s purchased to use as a sublingual tincture (under the tongue) and as a food, candy, and drink additive is ideal for ingesting, but it’s too thick for most traditional vaping devices.

Additives: Food-Grade Thinning Agents

E-liquids use thinning agents to safely reduce the thickness of the CBD oil for vaping. Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are food-grade additives. Vegetable glycerin has a sweet flavor, and propylene glycol is a common substitute used in vanilla extract and food coloring.

Depending on the brand, it may use one of these agents to create the CBD vape juice or a blend of both. These make-up about 90% of the vape liquid and the remaining 10% is CBD.

Choose from a Variety of Flavors

In addition to thinners, many brands infuse their products with terpenes and other natural flavors for additional tastes and aromas. CBD oil has the potential to help with dozens of symptoms and conditions. However, the strong and often overpowering taste can cause people to keep their distance.

Our Flawless Just CBD IT  with a sweet, delicious strawberry flavor that’s infused with a blend terpene. Each puff is like biting down on a ripe, juicy, freshly picked, strawberry. It’s available in a 200mg, 60/40 PG/VG blend and a 300mg, 70/30 PG/VG blend, and contains no THC, nicotine, or solvents, and is GMO-free. Additionally, Flawless Just CBD It offers Tutti Frutti, Mint, blueberry, and lemon & lime flavors.

There’s No Nicotine or THC in CBD Vape Juice

It’s easy to get confused about what’s in vape products. Our E-liquid brands contain no nicotine and little to no traceable amounts of THC. Previously, many products would have a small amount, usually under 1%, of THC, which is the compound that’s responsible for most of the psychoactive effects’ users can experience from some hemp and cannabis products. Current extraction processes can now remove all THC.

Full Spectrum or Isolate?

E-liquids are either a full spectrum or an isolate. Whole-Plant hemp oil contains all minor cannabinoids and terpenes. An isolate is nearly a 100% concentration of CBD. These products provide more accurate dosing because there are no other compounds in the oil.

Our Pacha Mama CBD Grape Berry Isolate is available in 250MG and 500MG, 30ML bottles. The sweet and tangy flavor and aroma is an ideal way to enjoy all the benefits of this delightful vape juice.

Strength Matters: Vape Juice by the MG

CBD vape juice products vary in strength from 50mg bottles to 1,500mg. Dosing and potency vary by consumer. For all new users, it’s best to start low and go slow until you know how it’s going to affect you.

Vaping is popular because it’s one of the fastest ways to achieve the benefits of CBD. Tinctures can take up to 15 minutes and edibles between 30 and 45 minutes for onset. Vaporization works within a minute or two. For many users, several puffs an hour is enough to produce the desired results.

Other Ways to Use CBD E-Liquid and Vape Juice

Yes, these products are 100-percent safe—For use with vape pens and other vaping devices. In theory, you can take CBD-E-liquid orally. None of the additives are dangerous or harmful. However, they are formulated for vaping, and you’ll probably need to take more because of the additives in these products.

Instead, check out our extensive list of CBD oil and infused edible brands for oral consumption.

Vapor Shop Direct carries a wide range of CBD vape juice brands and products. Stock up today on your favorite flavor of THC-free and nicotine-free, full-spectrum or isolate E-liquids.

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Pink Lemonade CBD by Harmony 10ml
Pink Lemonade CBD by Harmony 10ml

Pink Lemonade is a delicious spin on regular fizzy lemonade with an added fruity pink twist plus infused with CBD lets you get all of the great health benefits.


Pineapple Express CBD by Harmony 10ml
Pineapple Express CBD by Harmony 10ml

Pineapple Express is a deliciously tropical pineapple flavour infused with CBD for a delicious vape to give you a great taste aswell as the great CBD benefits that we all love.


Gourmet Tobacco CBD E-Liquid by Harmony 10ml
Gourmet Tobacco CBD E-Liquid by Harmony 10ml

Gourmet Tobacco CBD E-Liquid by Harmony is a wonderful vape juice bringing together a classic tobacco with some sweet caramel and smooth vanilla. Gourmet Tobacco CBD E-Liquid by Harmony is a 10ml CBD E-Liquid containing 100mg, 300mg or 600mg of CBD.


Critical Mala CBD E-Liquid by Harmony 10ml

Critical Mala CBD E-Liquid by Harmony is a wonderful vape juice bringing together the soft, earthy notes of CBD with some sharp citrus flavours for a delicious taste. Critical Mala CBD E-Liquid by Harmony is a 10ml CBD E-Liquid containing 30mg,...


Harmony Baked Custard CBD 10ml
Harmony Baked Custard CBD 10ml

Baked Custard by Harmony CBD is a delightful, much deserved, dessert classic that's rich in flavour with a mouthwatering taste. Harmony Baked Custard has been developed with a slight tweak to the recipe for an exciteful, satisfying vape you could...


Harmony - Exodus Cheese CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony Exodus Cheese CBD is one to get excited for. This Harmony CBD liquid is an absolute classic featuring the most widely known cannabis strains in history. Delivering a strong profile with a tangy, subtle, sweet note of an earthly...


Harmony - Kiwi Skunk CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony Kiwi Skunk CBD is an electrifying concoction that lights up your taste buds with the fruitiest combination ever, mixed alongside a moist earthly Kush taste that just lingers. Harmony Kiwi Skunk CBD is available in either 30, 100, 300 or...


Harmony - Mango Kush CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony Mango Kush CBD is a lush caribbean vacation packed into a bottle of CBD. Featuring a predominant strain of Mango responsible for its strong musky aroma paired alongside subtle undertones of the traditional tropic flavours of Banana and Pineapple...


Harmony - OG Kush CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony OG Kush CBD is a must try if you want a true CBD experience. OG Kush CBD is the perfect choice for those looking for an accurate cannabis flavour and aroma.  Its aroma comes from the same compounds of...


Harmony - Original Hemp CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Hemp has been around for thousands of years, and over time, thousands of variations have been applied but Harmony's Original Hemp CBD is the OG flavour with a natural Earth like taste with a primary terpene, caryophyllene. Harmony Original Hemp CBD is available...


Harmony - Pure Base CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony Pure Base CBD features all the bass without the treble because no words can describe the aftermath... Pure Base CBD is a liquid that is added to another e liquid from your favourite line up! Pure Base CBD adds that extra...


Harmony - Super Lemon Haze CBD E-liquid - 10ml

Harmony Super Lemon Haze CBD, a multiple award-winning cannabis strain has its origins in Amsterdam and is practically strain royalty! This sacred classic has an intense aromatic profile providing a zingy taste and scent. It smells like fresh lemon and...


Harmony - Strawberry Wild CBD E-liquid - 10ml

There’s a reason why this miraculous fruit influences so many sweet things, including our e-liquid. Rediscover the delicious, sweet flavors and smells of strawberries in our CBD E Juice. This juicy experience will definitely conjure up memories of summer! Harmony...


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