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Are you a health, eBay seller or vape store? CBD is a growing topic with an increase in demand from all sides of the market which enables a great opportunity for small business owners, entrepreneurs and power sellers.

Vapor Shop Direct CBD is here to help you grow your presence with a reputable distribution website available 24 hours a day so you need not worry about running out of stock, speak directly with a local distributor of over 10 of the major CBD brands including Love CBD, CBDFX, Harmony, Somnio and more. 

Having Vapor Shop Direct CBD available enables you to worry about the more important things like running your business than sourcing products, and vetting the quality of which you sell. 

Here are five reasons you should consider us for your wholesale CBD oil orders;

  1. Reputable business online since 2016.
  2. Local distributor enabling quicker delivery and cheaper associated costs. Making sure you get your products on time.
  3. Free shipping on your purchases of £500 or more, with a 10% discount on your first purchase.
  4. Large selection of products including CBD Oils, Vape Pens, Hemp, Vape Liquid, Additives, Balms & Creams, Tablets and Gummy Bears.
  5.  Top brand names Just CBD It, Demon CBD, Koi CBD, Mari Pharm, CBD FX, Harmony, Love CBD and Venom Vapes.

What is CBD & Why would I sell it?

In recent years, CBD has generated a big volume of interest in recent years with evidence suggesting CBD counteracts many of THC's adverse effects but research is still being carried out - mostly on animals. Until there are any definitive studies you may be subject to your body's natural response systems which can vary for everyone.

Interest Over Time CBD

Source (Google Trends)

The sheer scale of the interest as illustrated by Google Trends enables a great scope of the outlook for CBD suppliers and a great opportunity.

If you would like to talk to us directly about CBD in bulk purchases in the UK or Europe then please do contact us directly.

Alternatively, you can visit our distribution website and sign up for your free account to access wholesale pricing. 


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