CBD Honey Sticks (10mg)

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Buzzing with premium Californian natural honey, blended with smooth, clean CBD, these honey sticks slip down easy.

  • 10mg per stick
  • GMO-Free
  • THC Free
  • Full spectrum CBD with naturally rich CBG, CBN, CBC, 100+ synergistic terpenes, flavonoids, and essential amino acids.

Suggested Use: Snip the end of the stick and squeeze out the honey. Ideal for spreading on toast, mixing with tea/coffee or baking. 

IngredientsHoney and CBD.

          What are terpenes?
          Terpenes are found in various plants and act as a natural flavouring. Depending on what terpenes are present, and in what ratio, combined they create unique aromas and flavours. When consuming CBD along with terpenes, you are sampling a broader part of the plant with more potentially nutritious compounds.

          What is THC, why do we sell THC Free products?
          THC is a pyschoactive compound found in Hemp plants, often giving you the high feeling. THC free products extract all of the goodness from the plant without the need to worry. There are a number of extraction methods used to seperate CBD from THC and other harmful chemicals. THC-free CBD oil products can be used as a nutritional supplement to help bodily ailments. Read more about the possible effects of THC.

          What is Broad/Full Spectrum CBD?
          Broad spectrum CBD (also known as CBD isolate) has been extracted from other compounds, meaning that it is a pure form of CBD without containing many other parts such as terpenoids, flavournoids, or other cannabinoids. This should not result in psychoactive effects due to THC being removed.
          Full spectrum uses whole plant extract which unlike CBD isolate, can be made up of hundreds of cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa, CBDC and many more compounds such as natural terpenes (flavouring), essential acids and naturally occuring goodness.

          About Virtue

          Virute CBD With an award winning crystalised CBD isolate, 99.9% pure. Virtue takes pride in going the extra mile to deliver a product using it’s proprietary extraction processes, patented tech and dedicated formulations. There are a variety of products available including CBD Oils (drops / spray), CBD topicals (body & bath, face, hands & feet and muscles & joints) along with CBD edibles.

          Hemp grown in the nature of California with 100% natural ingredients are something to be produced of. Hence the name.

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          Important Information

          Ensure you store the product in original packaging and in a cool place, out of the way of children.
          Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
          This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure disease.

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