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Tablets are a very common form of taking medication, so of course you can get CBD tablets, to help with seizures or with stress. These are more convenient as you can take them anywhere.

Why use CBD Capsules as opposed to Oil?

While CBD oil is the most widely used form of CBD, some people still prefer to take tablets since it's easy and quick to consume.

Measuring the ideal dosage is much easier with capsules than with oil. With oil, you have to accurately measure the amount to be sure you get the effect needed, but with tablets, you just need to take a required number.

CBD oil usually come in bottles, which can leak and spill in your bag, making them inconvenient for travelling. CBD capsules however are solid, so obviously wouldn't spill in bags, making them the better travel companion.

If you or someone you know have to take tablets on a regular basis, you would know tablets are easy to form a habit of taking. Many tablets can have days and times on them to tell you when you should take them.

Some people don't like the taste of CBD oil, believing it to taste similar to grass. CBD Capsules have no taste or odour, so you can take it with a glass of water and not have any bad tastes.

 What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the hemp plant. It makes up 40% of the plant.

CBD is not a psychoactive substance and so will not make you hallucinate. The compound in marijuana that does this is THC. THC can be in the CBD products, but only in extremely small amounts (maximum 0.2%) depending on the law in your country.

Scientists have researched into what benefits CBD may have. While research isn't fully complete, a few benefits are known:

  • Anxiety can be reduced and mood can be improved when CBD binds to the receptors.
  • CBD can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. 
  • CBD can stop nausea and reduce stomach pains.
  • It can fight off cancer cells and, as a result, reduce the risk of having cancer.
  • It can reduce the inflammation in the pancreas that causes type 1 diabetes.
  • It can lower your cholesterol and therefore improve cardiovascular health. 
  • CBD can also improve the health of the skin.

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