CBD Legalization Around the World

CBD Legalization Around the World

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While CBD is effective in healing many different conditions, it is still illegal in some places, since it comes from the cannabis plant, which is an illegal drug. Today I am going to guide you through the legislations around the world.

The Legal Status of CBD in the UK

In 2018, Sajid Javid, the home secretary at the time, announced that specialist doctors in the UK can legally prescribe cannabis-derived medical products. This means you can now get CBD from specialist doctors, so long as it comes from an EU approved cannabis plant.

Marijuana as a recreational drug is still illegal to grow, possess, distribute or sell as it is a Class B drug and can lead to prison sentence of up to 14 years for selling, distributing or growing, while possession can lead to up to 5 years in prison.

The Legal Status of CBD in the US

US Legal CBD Status by State

Like many things, the legal status of CBD in the US varies by state. Some states are strict on it, like Idaho, who will not allow any product with even the slightest bit of THC in. Some states, however, are more relaxed, with some even allowing you to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

 Above is a map showing every state and the legalisation of CBD in each of them, from no prescription required to prohibited.

The Legal Status of CBD in the Rest of the World

Each country has different laws so they obviously would have different views on cannabis. Below is a list of all the special cases with the law. 


Marijuana in all forms is illegal here, but the law is generally unenforced, with plants highly available throughout the country. 

Antigua and Barbuda

Cannabis is illegal but decriminalised, so possession of 15g or less of cannabis is legal, though cannabis cannot be sold.


 Medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2017, while recreational cannabis is allowed only for private usage in small amounts.


CBD is legal in federal level in Australia and in all states. Conditions and other details about the legality vary by state. Cannabis for recreational use is allowed in the Northern Territory, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.


Possession of cannabis was decriminalised in 2016, meaning you can now use it for both medical reasons and personal use.


 The sale and distribution of cannabis is banned, but the law is often unenforced, with many shops openly selling it.


As of 2003, up to 3g of cannabis is allowed for adults, so CBD is allowed.


 Possession of cannabis is illegal, but usage is common and largely tolerated.


 Medical marijuana is allowed and can be prescribed from a doctor. Recreational marijuana is decriminalised up to 7g.


Cannabis is illegal, but the plant is grown round the country and used for other reasons like feeding pigs and producing textures.


 Medical Marijuana is unavailable, but recreational cannabis up to 50g is decriminalised.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cannabis is banned for both, but the government is looking into allowing it for medical purposes.


While CBD isn't allowed, Sativex, a similar medicine from the cannabis plant, is. Recreational cannabis is illegal, and, as with all illegal drugs in the country, the offender is given a warning, community service and education on the effects of drugs.


 Cannabis is defined as a class A drug and is strictly banned, though a "personal dose" existed until 2004.


 Cannabis is banned in Cambodia, but the law is often unenforced. Some restaurants, known as "Happy Restaurants", cook food with cannabis and serve it as a garnish.


 Medical marijuana has been legal since 2001, while recreational marijuana has been legal since 2018.


Use and sale of medical marijuana is allowed under a prescription. Private personal and recreational use has been decriminalised.


Medical usage is allowed , while personal use has been decriminalised for up to 22g or for cultivation of 20 plants.

Costa Rica

Use of cannabis is widespread throughout the country, since it has been decriminalised for personal use.


Medical cannabis is legal for patients with illnesses like cancer or AIDS. Possession of small amounts of recreational purposes is considered a misdemeanour, which leads to a fine.


 Medical marijuana is legal here, but recreational marijuana is not. Possession can lead to a prison sentence of 8 years maximum (or 2 years for first-time), while possession can lead to a life prison sentence.

Czech Republic

Medical marijuana is legal, while possession of recreational marijuana up to 15g or cultivation up to 6 plants is decriminalised, subject to a fine that is mostly unenforced.


Medical marijuana is legal, but recreational cannabis is not. Offenses are subject to a fine or up to 2 years imprisonment. Freetown Christiania, a self-declared autonomous community in Copenhagen, is known for its cannabis trade.


 Possession of up to 10g of cannabis is decriminalised and not punished.


Cannabis is illegal in Egypt, but convictions for personal use are rare.


In Estonia, CBD is allowed, but only with a special permit (like a prescription). Up to 7.5 g is allowed for personal use, but larger amounts can cause prison sentences of up to 5 years.


Finland allows you to have medical marijuana under a licence. The recreational version is illegal, but is generally not prosecuted against. The perpetrator is usually given a fine.


In France, the laws are hazy. Some medical cannabis drugs are allowed, but CBD specifically is not mentioned, since it is still a growing market. Possession of marijuana for recreational use is illegal, and can incur fines of up to 200€.


CBD in Georgia is legal, but there is no real system for dispensing it to the customer. As per July 2018, possession and use of recreational marijuana is legal, but it is not legal to sell.


While Medical marijuana is legal in Germany, recreational use is not, though there are cases of criminal charges being dropped.


Cannabis is illegal, with the exception of "bhang", which is a form of cannabis commonly sold in shops.


While cannabis is illegal, the law isn't usually strictly enforced.


In Ireland, CBD is allowed, but it may be licensed. Possession of recreational marijuana is illegal.


 Possession is illegal, but is usually punished with a fine, though third offences can cause prison sentences. Possession in the privacy of one's home is not prosecuted.


Medical use of cannabis is legal. Recreational use is decriminalised, allowed for religious use and legal under 0.6% THC. 


 Cannabis pharmaceuticals are legal, with a shop first opened in 2018. Recreational cannabis is legal on Rastafari and is decriminalised up to 2oz or cultivation of 5 plants.


Cannabis in all varieties is illegal, but often not enforced.


While possession of cannabis is illegal, large amounts grown in the country are not a major issue, so long as it is not in public.


 Cannabis is illegal, but is tolerated, with some people being allowed to export the product to other countries. It is also widely grown for illicit purposes.


 A law to legalise the medical use of marijuana was passed in 2018, though CBD for recreational use is still illegal.


 While medical use of cannabis is legal, transportation and consumption is not, and can lead to a fine.


While cannabis is illegal, it is still widely used and cultivated. Malawian cannabis is famed internationally for its quality.


Cannabis is strictly illegal, with some drug traffickers recieving the death penalty.


 Medical cannabis is legal, while recreational cannabis has been decriminalised. Possession is legal, but may still warrant arrests by police looking for drug traffickers. Cultivation for personal use is also legal.


Cannabis is legal for medical use, but only with THC content below 1%. Recreational possession of up to 5g is legal.


Cannabis is illegal, but is tolerated, with Morocco being among the top producers of hash.


Cannabis is illegal but often not prosecuted against.


Cannabis is illegal except during Maha Shivaratri, though the law is generally not enforced.


Medical marijuana is legal throughout the country. Recreational marijuana is tolerated in licenced coffee shops, and cultivation is generally allowed. The Caribbean Netherlands however have a zero-tolerance policy.

New Zealand

Medical use was legalised in 2018, while recreational use is still banned, though a legalisation referendum will be held in 2020.


 Medical marijuana is legal, while legislation for decriminalisation of recreational cannabis is currently in process.


Cannabis is illegal, but is often tolerated in the North. If found with cannabis in other parts of the country, one may be sentenced to up to 6 month imprisonment.


 Possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis is generally not prosecuted against.


 Possession of up to 8 grams is not punished, though cultivation, production and sale is sentenced to 8-15 years in jail.


Marijuana is illegal in all forms, but may be allowed with a special permit by the FDA.


 Medical marijuana is legal. Recreational marijuana is generally not prosecuted against for small amounts under 0.2% of THC, though larger amounts can lead to up to 10 years imprisonment.


 Medical Marijuana is legal and recreational marijuana is decriminalised up to 25g of herb or 5g of hash.


CBD is legal with THC levels under 0.2%. Recreational cannabis is illegal and possession can bring a large fine for first offenders or 6 months to 2 years for multiple offences. Possession of large amounts or trafficking is punishable by 2-7 years in jail.


Cannabis is illegal, though decriminalisation is being looked into.


Cannabis for medical use is legal, but recreational use is not, though it has been decriminalised.

South Africa

Like in Georgia, cannabis is legal, but selling is not, so there is no dispensaries.

South Korea

As of 2018, medical use of cannabis is legal, but, due to a ruling by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the plant itself is still illegal.


 Limited cannabis pharmaceuticals are available. Recreational cannabis is allowed in private areas like the Cannabis Social Clubs. Cultivation is allowed in private areas off the streets.

Sri Lanka

Medical marijuana was legalised in the 1980's and is commonly used, though recreational cannabis is still illegal.


 Medical marijuana is legal, and possession of 10g or less of recreational cannabis is decriminalised to a fine.


 Medical use was made legal in 2018, while recreational use is still illegal, but the law is often unenforced. 


 Cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals are legal, while recreational cannabis will incur prison sentences.


Cannabis is only legal to residents of Uruguay who are 18 or over and are registered with the authorities. 


 Cannabis is illegal, but the laws are not often enforced.


Other Countries

Country/Territory Medical Recreational Country/Territory Medical Recreational
Afghanistan Illegal Illegal Maldives Illegal Illegal
Algeria Illegal Illegal Mali Illegal Illegal
Andorra Illegal Illegal Marshall Islands Illegal Illegal
Angola Illegal Illegal Mauritania Illegal Illegal
Armenia Illegal Illegal Mauritius Illegal Illegal
Azerbaijan Illegal Illegal Micronesia Illegal Illegal
Bahamas Illegal Illegal Moldova Illegal Illegal
Bahrain Illegal Illegal Monaco Illegal Illegal
Barbados Illegal Illegal Mongolia Illegal Illegal
Belarus Illegal Illegal Montenegro Illegal Illegal
Benin Illegal Illegal Mozambique Illegal Illegal
Botswana Illegal Illegal Namibia Illegal Illegal
Brunei Illegal Illegal Nicaragua Illegal Illegal
Burkina Faso Illegal Illegal Niger Illegal Illegal
Burundi Illegal Illegal Nigeria Illegal Illegal
Cameroon Illegal Illegal North Macedonia Legal Illegal
Cape Verde Illegal Illegal Oman Illegal Illegal
Central African Republic Illegal Illegal Palau Illegal Illegal
Chad Illegal Illegal Panama Illegal Illegal
China Illegal Illegal Papua New Guinea Illegal Illegal
Comoros Illegal Illegal Qatar Illegal Illegal
Cuba Illegal Illegal Republic of the Congo Illegal Illegal
Democratic Republic of the Congo Illegal Illegal Russia Illegal Illegal
Djibouti Illegal Illegal Rwanda Illegal Illegal
Dominican Republic Illegal Illegal Saint Kitts and Nevis Illegal Illegal
East Timor Illegal Illegal Saint Lucia Illegal Illegal
Dominica Illegal Illegal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Illegal Illegal
El Salvador Illegal Illegal Samoa Illegal Illegal
Equatorial Guinea Illegal Illegal San Marino Legal Illegal
Eritrea Illegal Illegal São Tomé and Príncipe Illegal Illegal
Fiji Illegal Illegal Senegal Illegal Illegal
Ethiopia Illegal Illegal Saudi Arabia Illegal Illegal
Gabon Illegal Illegal Seychelles Illegal Illegal
Gambia Illegal Illegal Serbia Illegal Illegal
Ghana Illegal Illegal Sierra Leone Illegal Illegal
Greece Legal Illegal Singapore Illegal Illegal
Grenada Illegal Illegal Solomon Islands Illegal Illegal
Greenland(Kalaallit Nunaat) Illegal Illegal Somalia Illegal Illegal
Guinea Illegal Illegal South Sudan Illegal Illegal
Guinea-Bissau Illegal Illegal Sudan Illegal Illegal
Guatemala Illegal Illegal Swaziland Illegal Illegal
Haiti Illegal Illegal Suriname Illegal Illegal
Guyana Illegal Illegal Sweden Illegal Illegal
Honduras Illegal Illegal Syria Illegal Illegal
Hong Kong Illegal Illegal Tajikistan Illegal Illegal
Hungary Illegal Illegal Tanzania Illegal Illegal
Iceland Illegal Illegal Togo Illegal Illegal
Indonesia Illegal Illegal Tonga Illegal Illegal
Iraq Illegal Illegal Trinidad and Tobago Illegal Illegal
Ivory Coast Illegal Illegal Tunisia Illegal Illegal
Jordan Illegal Illegal Turkmenistan Illegal Illegal
Kazakhstan Illegal Illegal Tuvalu Illegal Illegal
Kenya Illegal Illegal Uganda Illegal Illegal
Kiribati Illegal Illegal Ukraine Illegal Illegal
Kosovo Illegal Illegal United Arab Emirates Illegal Illegal
Kuwait Illegal Illegal Uzbekistan Illegal Illegal
Kyrgyzstan Illegal Illegal Vanuatu Legal Illegal
Japan Illegal Illegal Vatican City Illegal Illegal
Latvia Illegal Illegal Venezuela Illegal Illegal
Liberia Illegal Illegal Yemen Illegal Illegal
Libya Illegal Illegal Zambia Illegal Illegal
Liechtenstein Illegal Illegal Zimbabwe Legal Illegal
Madagascar Illegal Illegal

Now you should know the laws of cannabis in different countries around the world. Have a great day!

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