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Buy CBD edibles online! CBD Edibles for sale here in the UK!

The CBD Market is always growing, with new products and brands coming all the time. Now, we have the pleasure of bringing you CBD Edibles. 

CBD Edibles bring you an easy to swallow way to take CBD, perfect if you don't like the oil and don't want to vape it.

What are the benefits of CBD Edibles compared with other CBD Products? 

There are many benefits of using CBD edibles compared to inhaling it in.

The CBD in the edibles are released slower over an amount of time, meaning the CBD lasts longer and the experience stays longer. 

The edibles are also easy to consume. As they look like traditional candy, they are more inviting so you are more likely to want to take it.

They also taste just like traditional sweets, so you can enjoy it in the same way you'd enjoy the sweets, but also get the benefits of the CBD.

With CBD Edibles, you can easily tell exactly what amount you have taken. Since they are small solid substances, they can just be counted, unlike CBD oil, where the amount needs to be accurately measured.

The Basics of CBD

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is one of the major substances found in the cannabis plant. Unlike traditional marijuana, this does not get you high, since for legal reasons the compound of the hemp plant, THC, is only found in tiny amounts in CBD, and anything above 0.2% is illegal. 

The Effects of CBD

CBD has been under much investigation by scientists into its benefits and how it can help treat ailments. Some benefits have been found:

  • CBD can provide pain relief by binding to receptors.
  • The story of Charlotte Figi showed that CBD can help reduce the amount of seizures someone suffering from epilepsy can get. This story made CBD grow with popularity.
  • CBD can treat mental health, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep.

Side effects only really occur when CBD is taken in a high dose. These side effects include fatigue, nausea and irritability.

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CBDistillery Vegan CBD Gummies 25ct (30mg per serving)
Naturecan CBD Infused Nut Butter 90mg 180g
CBD Hibiscus Ginger (15mg 250ml)
CBD Hibiscus Ginger (15mg 250ml)
Regular price £2.50
CBD Fresh Coffee Powder
CBD Vegan Gummies 30ct 300mg
CBD Vegan Gummies 30ct 300mg
Regular price £20.83
Smarties Hemp Tea 19% CBD
Biscotti Hemp Tea 19% CBD
Wedding Cake Hemp Tea 19% CBD
CBD Gummies 180g 300mg
CBD Gummies 180g 300mg
Regular price £31.66
Premium Grade Hemp Tea 2pcs/pack
Premium Grade Hemp Tea 2pcs/pack
Regular price £5.42
Two Wise Chimps CBD Gum  (9 Pack 45mg)
CBD Gum (9 Pack 45mg)
Regular price £6.95
Vita Coco Infused with CBD Drink 330ml 20mg | Lemon
Infused CBD Drink (330ml 20mg)
Regular price £2.50
Green Monkey CBD Drink
CBD Drink
Regular price £2.29
Green Monkey CBD Drink 24 Pack
CBD Drink 24 Pack
Regular price £54.96
CBD Elderflower Lime by Drink 420 15mg 250ml
CBD Elderflower Lime (15mg 250ml)
Regular price £2.50
Koi Hemp Wellness Shot 25mg
Hemp Wellness Shot (25mg)
Regular price £7.00
Wellness Dog Treats by Hownd Hemp 130g | Golden Oldies
Wellness Dog Treats (30g)
Regular price £4.50
CBD Drinks by Cannasa 12 x 275ml 2.5mg
CBD Drinks (12 x 275ml 2.5mg)
Regular price £42.00
Nooro CBD Raw+Vegan Oat Flapjack 25mg 10x45g | Lemon & Ginger
Raw+Vegan Oat Flapjack (25mg 10x45g)
Regular price £30.00
Somnio Chocolate 100mg 100g
Milk/Dark Chocolate (100mg 100g)
Regular price £12.49
Somnio CBD Chocolates 100mg 100g
Creating Better Days Premium CBD Protein 300mg 360g
Premium CBD Protein (300mg 360g)
Regular price £55.00
Creating Better Days Nano-CBD Beverage Enhancer Tropical Mango 200mg 50ml
Creating Better Days Nano-CBD Coffee Rise'n'Relief 120mg 12 servings
Vc Naturalz Chew on it Gummy Cannabidol Squares Strawberry Kiwi 300mg 30 pack
Endoca CBD Chewing Gum Peppermint 150mg 10pcs
Koi CBD Gummies Sour Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies 60mg 6pcs
Koi CBD Gummies Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies 60mg 6pcs
CBD Wild Berries by Drink 420 15mg 250ml (pack of 12)
CBD Wild Berries (12 * 15mg 250ml)
Regular price £24.90
CBD Elderflower Lime by Drink 420 15mg 250ml (pack of 12)
CBD Pro Shot by Asylum 60ml 15mg per serving
CBD Pro Shot (60ml 15mg per serving)
Regular price £16.66
Canabidol CBD Health Cannabis Tea 20pcs 30g
Peppermint CBD Mints by Tillmans Tranquils 100mg 20pcs
CBD+Multi-Vitamin CBD Gummies by Creating Better Days 300mg
Kind Kids CBD Gummies by Creating Better Days 150mg
Kind Kids CBD Gummies (150mg)
Regular price £22.50
Watermelon Slices CBD Gummies by Creating Better Days 150mg
Mellow Watermelon CBD Lollipop by Creating Better Days 50mg
Fresh Mint Hemp Strips by CBD FX
CBD Gummies by Blue Moon Hemp 10pc
CBD Gummies (10pc)
From £9.99
CBD Infused Honey Sticks by Somnio 10mg/stick 25 pack
Berry Chill Shot by CBD FX 20mg 60ml
Berry Chill Shot (200mg 60ml)
Regular price £5.95
Blended Tea CBD Brew by Somnio 15 bags/30g
Blended Tea CBD Brew (15 bags/30g)
Regular price £9.16
CBD Fresh Coffee Beans (4oz 35mg)
CBD Fresh Coffee Beans (4oz 35mg)
Regular price £28.99
Hemp Gummy Bears by CBD +FX 60ct 300mg
Hemp Gummy Bears (60ct 300mg)
Regular price £44.99
CBD Gummy Worms by Virtue CBD 7 x 25mg
CBD Gummy Worms (7 x 25mg)
Regular price £19.99
CBD Honey Sticks (10mg)
Koi CBD Gummies Sour Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies 200mg 20pcs
Koi CBD Gummies Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies - Vapor Shop Direct CBD
CBDFX Hemp Gummies With Turmeric & Spirulina - 60cT
CBDFX Hemp Gummy Bears 8ct Pouch - 40mg
Hemp Gummy Bears (8ct Pouch 40mg)
Regular price £8.99
CBDFX Gummy Bears - 100% Vegan - 300mg
Gummy Bears (300mg)
Regular price £44.99
CBDFX Chill Shot - Lemonade Flavor - 20mg - 60ml
Lemonade Chill Shot (20mg - 60ml)
Regular price £5.95

Still deciding which edibles to buy?

Rest assured, we have plenty to choose from. Our CBD edibles range includes everything from CBD-infused honey sticks to gummy bears. With so much choice, we understand it can be hard to make a decision, or if you are still new to CBD oil. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our tasty CBD treats!

If you would to speak to our customer service regarding an order, or help making an order, please call us on (+44) 01217 288 222 or e-mail sales@vaporshopdirect.com.

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