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Are you looking to buy CBD oil in the UK?

Many studies have been done to find out what CBD Oil can do to help people. Many treatments have been found from CBD Oil, from reducing seizures to relieving pain. 

CBD Oil Drops is simple CBD ready to use in your food or in your e-liquid or simply ingesting it.

A benefit of CBD Oil, as opposed to other CBD products, is it gives you the reassurance that what you are taking contains pure CBD.

Taking CBD Oil

To get the full benefits of CBD oil, the correct method and dosage of ingestion need to be taken.

When using CBD oil, suggested dosage is written on the packaging. Once you have determined your dosage, place a few drops beneath the tongue. Hold the oil here for a minimum of one minute, allowing the oil to be absorbed through the blood vessels in the tongue. After the one minute, swallow the CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis or hemp plant and is one of the most studied substances. Unlike the compound THC, also found in the cannabis plant, this will not get you high.

Since this is a natural substance, it is legal, provided THC content is kept at a minimum, i.e. under 0.2%. We suggest customers research these brands for assurance that their product is ok

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Naturecan CBD Broad Spectrum 100% Natural Oil 30ml
Naturecan CBD Broad Spectrum 100% Natural Oil 10ml
Aztec CBD Spearmint Drops 10ml
Aztec CBD Drops 10ml
Aztec CBD Drops 10ml
From £29.99
CBD Oil Samples 1000mg 4ml
CBD Oil Samples 1000mg 4ml
Regular price £7.08
CBD Oil Hemp Food Supplement 30ml
PACHAMAMA Black Pepper Turmeric CBD Tincture 30ml 750mg
PACHAMAMA Ylang Ylang Holy Basil CBD Tincture 30ml 750mg
Reakiro CBD Oil Spray Blood Orange 30ml 1000mg
Reakiro CBD Oil Spray Peppermint 30ml 1000mg
Avida CBD CBD Balm (500mg 130g)
CBD Balm (500mg 130g)
Regular price £40.00
Avida CBD CBD Extracts Broad Spectrum Spearmint (500mg)
Nirvana Natural Relaxation CBD Dram (2ml 33mg)
Nirvana Natural Relaxation CBD Dram 2ml 4 pack
Nirvana Natural Relaxation CBD Tincture 500mg 30ml | Grapefruit
White Peach Water Soluble by Erth Hemp 30ml
Vanilla Bean Water Soluble by Erth Hemp 30ml
Groom Room CBD Beard Oil (500mg 30ml)
Creating Better Days CBD Oil Sublingual Dietary Supplement 30ml
Somnio TerraVita Sleep Grapefruit 30ml
Somnio TerraVita Focus Spearmint 30ml
Somnio TerraVita Relax Lemon Lime 30ml
Ignite CBD Drops Calm Lavender 30ml 1200mg
Ignite CBD Drops Calm Cucumber Lemon Mint 30ml 1200mg
Ignite CBD Drops Recharge Tropical Fruit 30ml 1200mg
Ignite CBD Drops Lucid Unflavoured 30ml 1200mg
Ignite CBD Drops Lucid Blood Orange 30ml
Ignite CBD Vape Pod 250mg Pink Chill
CBD Vape Pod (250mg CBD / 1ml Pod)
Regular price £16.66
VcNaturalz Drop It On Sublingual Oil 30ml
Endoca CBD Raw Hemp Oil Drops 10ml
Koi Spectrum Natural Cartridge
Pacha Mama Tincture CBD Goji Cacao 750mg 30ml
Tincture CBD Goji Cacao (750mg 30ml)
Regular price £70.00
Pacha Mama Tincture CBD Green Tea Echinacea 750mg 30ml
Pacha Mama Tincture CBD The Natural 750mg 30ml
Hawaiian Pog Tincture by Naked CBD 60ml
Hawaiian Pog Tincture (60ml 600mg)
Regular price £41.66
Unflavoured Tincture by Naked CBD 60ml
Unflavoured Tincture (60ml)
Regular price £41.66
Really Berry Tincture by Naked CBD 60ml
Really Berry Tincture (60ml 600mg)
Regular price £41.66
CBD Oil by Fresh Bombs 30ml | 750mg
Water Soluble Natural (30ml 350mg)
Water Soluble Natural (30ml 350mg)
Regular price £49.99
THC Free Tincture by Erth Hemp 30ml
THC Free Tincture (30ml 500mg)
Regular price £44.99
Banana Tincture by Erth Hemp 30ml
Passion Fruit Tincture by Erth Hemp 30ml 1000mg
Premium Organic CBD by Cannwell 30ml 500mg
Premium Organic CBD (30ml 500mg)
Regular price £37.49
Passion CBD E-Liquid by Cannwell 30ml 200mg
Passion CBD E-Liquid (30ml 200mg)
Regular price £29.99
Mai Tai CBD E-Liquid by Cannwell 30ml 200mg
Mai Tai CBD E-Liquid (30ml 200mg)
Regular price £29.99
Blueberry Pineapple Lemon CBD Oil by CBD FX 30ml
Natural CBD Tincture by Blue Moon Hemp 30ml

Still stuck which CBD to buy?

We understand, shopping for CBD oil can be a diffcult process when you are a new user but rest assured, Vapor Shop Direct CBD are here to help! We stock a selection of the best CBD oil tinctures including Harmony, Avida CBD, Love Hemp, Koi Naturals and Somnio. There are hundreds of products available in our store, we'll give you some options to help you make a better purchase;

  1. - Flavour? There is a variety of tastes available including Lemon Lime, Orange, Peppermint, Strawberry, Spearmint and many more.
  2. - Strength? Discover low-strength to high-strength CBD oil products, from 50mg to 1500mg.
  3. - Bottle Size? So you've found your perfect CBD tincture, now select your bottle size. This can vary depending on the brand or stock availability. From 2ml for samplers to 60ml for ongoing everyday usage.

If you are still curious about CBD oil and wondering what is the best way to consume it, then rest assured Vapor Shop Direct CBD has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and can help you select the best products to buy. If you are stuck for what products to purchase or need assistance making an order, please call us on (+44) 01217 288 222 or e-mail sales@vaporshopdirect.com.

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