CBD Creams and Balms

If you're looking for CBD creams and balms in the UK, this is the place for you!

CBD is forever making it easier to intake the product. CBD Creams and Balms are found in many places and can be used to relieve pain from muscles, among other things.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD Cream is a cream full of natural ingredients like cannabinoids (compounds from the Cannabis plant). The cream can be applied to the affected area where it is absorbed through the skin, offering quick relief to the pain.

The creams produce a nice aroma that is soft, but not overwhelming, giving you all the many benefits when applied to your body.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It has been subjected to much research over what effects it has after CBD became popular with the story of Charlotte Figi. Unlike traditional cannabis, CBD does not get you high, since the compound in weed that does this is THC.

CBD is subject to laws in many countries. Many of them control the amount of THC allowed in CBD products, and restrict it to being around 0.2%. Other countries outright ban any product that comes from the hemp plant, so ban CBD. We advise customers to look into the law of their country before buying CBD.

While the full effects of CBD haven't been discovered yet, there are many known benefits.

  • CBD cream can make muscles and joints more easy to move. The cream soothes the stiffness of muscles.
  • CBD cream can treat the skin's health, and can eliminate any possible threats to skin cells.
  • Applying CBD cream can also make the skin feel better, and can promote wellness throughout the body.
  • CBD cream can support the overall homeostasis of the body and keep the body running well.

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CBD Foot Rub by Virtue CBD 60ml 300mg
£22.49 Regular price £24.99
CBD Ointment by Hope CBD 3% 30ml
£18.75 Regular price £20.83
Somnio Heal CBD Balm Roll On 150mg 30ml
£22.49 Regular price £24.99
Somnio Heal CBD Hemp Cream 150mg 30ml
£22.49 Regular price £24.99
CBD Roll On by Virtue CBD 10ml 100mg
£85.49 Regular price £94.99
CBD Balm by Virtue CBD 60ml 300mg
£17.99 Regular price £19.99
Somnio Heal CBD Balm 250mg 50ml
£22.49 Regular price £24.99
Love Hemp CBD Infused Body Salve 300mg
£26.99 Regular price £29.99
Canabidol CBD Rescue Cream 50ml
£20.69 Regular price £22.99
George Botanicals CBD Balm 1% (300mg) 30ml
CBD FX Balm Full Spectrum CBD 150mg 57g
£26.99 Regular price £29.99
CBD +FX Hemp Cream 150mg 50ml 1.7oz
£26.99 Regular price £29.99
CBD +FX Hemp Cream 100mg 30ml 1.0oz
£20.70 Regular price £23.00

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