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If you're looking for CBD creams and balms in the UK, this is the place for you!

CBD is forever making it easier to intake the product. CBD Creams and Balms are found in many places and can be used to relieve pain from muscles, among other things.

What is CBD Cream?
CBD Cream is a cream full of natural ingredients like cannabinoids (compounds from the Cannabis plant). The cream can be applied to the affected area where it is absorbed through the skin, offering quick relief to the pain.

The creams produce a nice aroma that is soft, but not overwhelming, giving you all the many benefits when applied to your body.

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD for short) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It has been subjected to much research over what effects it has after CBD became popular with the story of Charlotte Figi. Unlike traditional cannabis, CBD does not get you high, since the compound in weed that does this is THC.

CBD is subject to laws in many countries. Many of them control the amount of THC allowed in CBD products, and restrict it to being around 0.2%. Other countries outright ban any product that comes from the hemp plant, so ban CBD. We advise customers to look into the law of their country before buying CBD.

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Naturecan Massage Oil Lavender 500mg 100ml
Fresh Bombs Massage Oil Full Spectrum 100mg 8oz
Fresh Bombs CBD Eye Cream Full Spectrum 125mg 30ml
Fresh Bombs CBD Pain Reliever Cream 250mg 4oz
Fresh Bombs CBD Night Face Cream 150mg 2 oz
Rescue Muscle/Joint Roll On 250mg 3oz
Reakiro Goddess Sativa Face Cream (500mg 50ml)
PACHAMAMA CBD Icy Muscle Gel Menthol 2oz 500mg
PACHAMAMA CBD Pain Cream Menthol 3.4 Oz 850mg
PACHAMAMA CBD Body Lotion Lavender 1.7oz 300mg
Somnio Lemongrass Body Butter (250mg 50ml)
Lemongrass Body Butter (250mg 50ml)
Regular price £29.99
Revive CBD Eye Serum (500mg 10ml)
Revive CBD Eye Serum (500mg 10ml)
Regular price £19.99
CBD Calming Balm Full Spectrum by CBD +FX 50mg 0,5Oz
CBD Calming Balm (50mg 0.5OZ)
Regular price £12.49
CBD Muscle Balm Full Spectrum by CBD +FX 50mg 0,5Oz
Ignite CBD Lip Balm 50mg
Lip Balm (50mg)
Regular price £9.98
Somnio Rescue CBD Sleep Balm 150mg 30ml
Rescue CBD Sleep Balm (150mg 30ml)
Regular price £25.00
Somnio Rescue CBD Muscle Balm 150mg 30ml
Rescue CBD Muscle Balm (150mg 30ml)
Regular price £25.00
Creating Better Days CBD Premium Muscle Roll On 300mg 89ml
Erth Hemp Isolate 1000mg 1gram
CBD Isolate (1000mg 1gram)
Regular price £29.16
Erth Hemp Foot Cream Sooth & Refresh 250mg
Foot Cream Sooth & Refresh (250mg)
Regular price £29.16
Erth Hemp Massage Spa Original 250mg 237ml
Massage Spa Original (250mg 237ml)
Regular price £29.16
Lip Balm Natural by Ignite CBD 50mg
CBD Lip Balm Natural (50mg)
Regular price £8.32
Endoca CBD Hemp Lips + Skin 20mg 0.15 Oz
Endoca CBD Hemp Salve 750mg 30ml
CBD Hemp Salve (750mg 30ml)
Regular price £52.99
Koi Naturals Healing Balm 150mg
Healing Balm (150mg)
Regular price £12.49
PachaMama Full Spectrum Body Butter Athletic Rub-Topical 2Oz 500mg
Topical Pain Stick by Erth Hemp 250mg 33ml
Topical Pain Stick (33ml)
Regular price £29.99
Face Serum Tone & Hydrate (100mg 30ml)
Lavender Body Butter by Erth Hemp 250mg 113g
Lavender Body Butter (250mg 113g)
Regular price £29.16
Overnight Recovery Balm Full Spectrum CBD by CBD +FX 150mg 57g
CBD Balm Full Spectrum (150mg 57g)
Regular price £24.99
Muscle Balm Full Spectrum CBD by CBD +FX 150mg 57g
CBD Creme Blu Salve by Blue Moon Hemp (Limonene)
CBD +FX Face Mask 20mg / 1pc | Charcoal
CBD +FX Face Mask (20mg / 1pc)
Regular price £5.99
Serenity Lotion by Creating Better Days 300mg 50ml
Serenity Lotion (300mg 50ml)
Regular price £34.99
Pain Cream with Menthol by Creating Better Days 300mg 50ml
Pain Cream with Menthol (300mg 50ml)
Regular price £34.99
CBD Creme Blu Salve by Blue Moon Hemp 125mg
CBD Creme Blu Salve (1oz 125mg)
Regular price £16.66
Skin Balm by CBD Mountain 50ml
CBD Hemp Infused Face Mask by Love Hemp 10mg 2pcs/pack
CBD Foot Rub by Virtue CBD 60ml 300mg
CBD Foot Rub (60ml 300mg)
Regular price £29.99
Revive CBD Acne Serum by Somnio 500mg 30ml
Revive CBD Acne Serum (500mg 30ml)
Regular price £34.99
Revive CBD Eye Gel by Somnio 500mg 10ml
Revive CBD Eye Gel (500mg 10ml)
Regular price £25.00
Skin Healer CBD Mani Cubes by Fresh Bombs 4oz 5mg
Skin Healer CBD Mani Cubes (4oz 5mg)
Regular price £29.99
Nail Strengthener CBD Mani Cubes by Fresh Bombs 4oz 5mg
Nail Strengthener CBD Pedi Bombs by Fresh Bombs 70oz 35mg
CBD Ointment by Hope CBD 3% 30ml
CBD Ointment (3% 225mg CBD 30ml)
Regular price £25.00
Somnio Revive CBD Moisturiser Lavender  90mg 30ml

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