Benefits of CBD for Seniors

Benefits of CBD for Seniors Protection Status

As CBD has become more accepted around the world, more people are finding value in it. One of the biggest demographics for CBD is seniors, which may improve sleep quality, reduce the aches and pains of ageing, and researchers are studying its potential for memory-related conditions. Today, I am going to talk through the various reasons why CBD may assist seniors. 


Everyone likes a good nap now and again, but sometimes it isn't that easy, especially if you're in pain. Insomnia is more common in seniors, due to sleeping patterns changing as you get older, as well as various pains in parts of the body that make it difficult to sleep.

Since sleep helps to refresh us and remove our toxins, insomnia can be very bad for seniors. To treat these sleeping disorders, many seniors use sleeping medications, though these can cause problems of their own. CBD, however, can possibly tackle the causes of sleep deprivation, including anxiety, pain and general unbalance in the body, without the negative effects of regular sleep medications.


Nearly every senior suffers from some sort of pain, whether it’s in the neck,  back, the feet or the head. But they don't have to suffer. Some studies show CBD can possibly reduce inflammation and relieve pain from conditions like arthritis, joint pains and multiple sclerosis. This is done by activating receptors in the endocannabinoid system and potentially offering pain reduction with minimal side effects compared to prescription medications


As our bodies age, we may experience a condition called osteoporosis, where our bones experience a loss of minerals and become fragile and brittle, making them more prone to breaking. Seniors can experience severe pain and bone fractures if they have a fall. 

For adults aged 65 or over, falling is one of the biggest causes of death, so bone health is a serious issue. CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation, repair cells, strengthen bones, and possibly aid the healing process if a fracture does occur.


Medication is usually the first thing people turn to when they have an illness. While it works as a temporary solution, it often needs increased dosage that can lead to further damage to the body and can also lead to dependency on the medication. 

CBD may alleviate conditions involving that medication, and can also fight the dependency that has been brought on from the medication. CBD may help combat addiction by preventing relapses. While research is ongoing, studies have found that after administering CBD for seven days, some patients no longer exhibit addictive behaviours, and it’s shown the potential to reduce the chances of a relapse. 


Heart disease is one of the most common conditions among adults, with nearly half of American adults suffering from high blood pressure, one of the leading causes of heart conditions. CBD may be an effective treatment for high blood pressure.

A study from 2017 treated 10 men with a 600mg dosage of CBD and discovered it potentially reduced the resting heart rate of the subjects. They also did a stress test and found the subjects had a lower blood pressure increase than normal. More research is necessary to confirm these results. 

Studies have also found CBD may reduce cardiac inflammation and deter cell death caused by oxidative stress. This is due to its antioxidant properties. By reducing blood pressure, cardiac inflammation and cell death, CBD can possibly improve overall heart health.


Mood swings can increase as you get older with illnesses or loss of a loved one taking a heavy toll on your emotional state. If this is prolonged, it can link to major mental issues, with mental issues more likely if a person is suffering from neglect, loneliness or isolation.

CBD may help to treat these conditions. By interacting with the receptors involved in regulating a mood, CBD has the potential to ease stress, calming the mind and improving cognitive functions. Together, these greatly contribute to how the mind sees the current situation and can help to change the mood.


While there is no conclusive proof yet that CBD can help Alzheimer's, many studies have been made to support it. CBD can reduce neuroinflammation associated with Alzheimer's disease by reducing the effect of Abeta infused neuroinflammatory responses.

Cannabinoids can also reduce the agitation and aggression associated with Alzheimer's, as well as preventing the development of social recognition defects.


One of the biggest health issues associated with some seniors is a loss of appetite, which may be due to mental and physical pain among other things. This can cause severe weight loss as well as tissue weakness and worsening mental issues. 

One of the possible side effects of CBD is that it has the potential to improve appetite, making it a good stimulant and therefore an ideal product for seniors.

Now you should know some of the many potential benefits that CBD can bring to seniors. Buy a bottle of CBD oil here, and have a nice day!

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