The Myths of CBD

The Myths of CBD Protection Status

There is a lot of misconceptions around about CBD, with many people believing different things and ultimately throwing a negative light onto CBD. Today I will guide you through the truth behind the myth.

Myth 1 - There Is No Proof CBD Can Cure Anything

Since many CBD studies have been done on animals rather than humans, people believe that CBD can't actually cure anything. This is wrong. In actuality, CBD has been tested on humans multiple times to see if CBD can help them.

CBD has been researched most to see its ability to help minimise seizures linked with childhood epilepsy. CBD has proven to be so effective for treating seizures in children that a synthetic variant of CBD marketed as Epidiolex has recently been licenced for the prevention of seizures in Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, two cases of severe and intractable epilepsy, in individuals two years and older.

There has also been extensive research of CBD's effects on anxiety, a field CBD can potentially help. For starters, a 2015 report concluded that CBD has significant potential as a remedy for several anxiety disorders.

While there is certainly a need for more research, there is already an extremely broad scope of scientific evidence supporting the positive effects of CBD.

Myth 2 - CBD Gets You High

Since CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant, many people assume that CBD will get you high. This is not true. CBD will not give you the "high" that normal marijuana does.

Using cannabis is getting you high thanks to the THC. While THC and CBD are similar, the psychoactive effects do not occur in CBD oil . This is because they usually contain less than 0.2% of THC by law.

This isn't to say CBD isn't psychoactive. A psychoactive substance is anything that affects brain function, causing changes in mood, consciousness and behaviour, among other things. This effect can be good, bad or just neutral. In CBD's case, affecting the central nervous system and helping to heal the body, CBD's psychoactive properties are good.

Myth 3 - All CBD is the Same

This is similar to saying that all caffeine products are the same, because obviously tea and coffee are different things. 

CBD comes in two types, full spectrum and broad spectrum. While full spectrum contains pure CBD, broad spectrum contains a wide range of other cannabinoids and terpenes, some of which can be even more powerful than CBD. This means that even though two CBD products have the same strength of CBD, they might not have the same effects.

With CBD that comes from different sources and has different compounds in, it can work better for one person than with another. 

Myth 4 - CBD is Medical Marijuana

Since CBD comes from the marijuana plant, and it is used to help treat people, people think that CBD is basically medical marijuana. It is not.

THC and CBD are two of marijuana's active compounds, the most active being THC. It is the THC that induces the psychoactive effects of getting high through medical or recreational use of the substance. Because the cannabis from CBD oil contains very little THC, it is a different substance to medical marijuana.

Saying CBD is medical marijuana is like saying a chocolate bar is chocolate cake. While the cake does contain chocolate, and does give you the wonderful tastes of chocolate, it is not the only part of the cake, so it is a different product.

Myth 5 - The Amount of CBD Doesn't Matter

Many people falsely believe that it doesn't matter how much you use since CBD oil is safe. You should always be mindful of the appropriate dosage when using CBD to treat a particular condition.

Most guidelines look at your weight and how severe the problem is. For instance, anyone between 100 and 150 pounds can take between 10mg or 20mg, based on their level of pain. Keep in mind that a higher dose does not always mean further relief. Starting with a low dose is best, before working your way up gradually until you reach the best strength.


As the awareness of CBD grows, the myths surrounding it start to go away, however more myths also begin to appear, but as long as you know the truth, you can help get rid of the myths.

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