CBD For Horses

CBD For Horses

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CBD has been shown to bring a number of benefits to humans, but it can also help other animals as well. With over 50 million horses in the world, today I will guide you through how CBD can help horses.

The Benefits of CBD for Horses

Emotional Stress

Horses are among the most emotionally mature species we have as pets so it is essential to ensure that their emotional health is at its best. If you notice when transporting your horse that they are not reacting well, CBD may help to keep them calm while travelling.

It's also perfect for anxiety coming before a big competion if your horse participates in races or sports. Competing in a confined space may cause your horse a severe case of "arena anxiety," which could impact their performance and wellbeing. Luckily, CBD can treat both of these problems in a safe and natural way.

Chronic Pain

Horses can often suffer from chronic pain issues, which can have a significant impact on the quality of life. Because of their large size, they are very susceptible to illnesses like arthritis, which can ultimately lead to lameness. This is particularly true for competing horses because their bodies are experiencing even higher stress rates.

While prescription painkillers typically have negative side effects that leave the horse feeling sedated and weak, CBD can cure certain disorders without making the horse feel sedated. It has a soothing effect that reduces the inflammation around the joints of the body, which soothes some of the discomfort and strain from the joints.

CBD frequently targets and prevents the stimulation of pain receptors in your pet's brain. When those receptors are blocked, the neurons stop sending out signals of pain throughout the body of your horse. 


Since horses are such healthy and energetic creatures, inflammatory issues are virtually unavoidable. Their large size means that when doing a rigorous exercise, the tendons and muscles experience severe stress, which contributes to inflammation. Inflammation in the long run will cause arthritis, chronic pain and even heart issues.

Although inflammation helps you to recognise that the immune system of your horse functions the way it is supposed to, it can have a harmful effect throughout the life of your horse. Daily use of CBD to treat discomfort of your horse will help prevent it from having more serious health problems. It eases the severe pain and discomfort arising from inflammation. Also, if your horse has had surgery recently, then giving them CBD can help to reduce swelling afterwards. Make sure to speak to the vet before doing this to avoid any possible issues.


Since horses usually live off a grain-only diet, they are particularly prone to digestive problems, like nausea, indigestion and loss of appetite. Due to the demanding nature of their lifestyle, horses competing in sports are even more likely to experience these problems.  

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the use of CBD oil for horses can help control these problems. A grain-only diet can result in irritation in your horse's digestive system, particularly when it's processed grains. CBD neutralises this irritation, stopping these problems from developing and managing them when they already have.

Should I Give My Horse CBD?

If your horse suffers from any of these problems, or lives an active and stressful lifestyle, you may consider using CBD oil to help your horse. CBD is generally safe for animals, but it may be best to speak to a vet first to see what they think. Vets should usually know if the horse should take it, how much to take and how to introduce it to their diet.

Do not give CBD to a pregnant horse as it may transfer to the baby. You should only give your horse CBD oil which is THC free, since THC can be toxic to animals.

The best way to give horses CBD is through CBD oil, though, while dogs and cats can use similar CBD oils, horses need a specialised oil, since they are a larger animal. The best thing to do is start with a small dosage, and then gradually increasing it.


CBD can be used to help all kinds of animals, but they often need a specialised product. If administered correctly, your pet's wellbeing should soon improve. Have a nice day!

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