Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Common CBD Vaping Mistakes Protection Status

Vaping is commonly known to be one of many ways to ingest CBD, and while it's simple, people still make mistakes while vaping CBD. Today I'm going to lead you through the many mistakes that people make to try to stop these errors occurring in the future.

Mistake 1 - Vaping CBD Oil

This is one of the most common mistakes of CBD vaping. CBD oil is not supposed to be vaped! CBD E-Liquids are more bioavailable than other CBD substances and are processed faster into the bloodstream. CBD oils are better to take sublingually and when vaped, they will not function as well as CBD e-liquids.

Mistake 2 - Getting A Big Bottle

If you get a 10ml CBD e-liquid with 250mg of CBD, 2.5% of the bottle will be CBD. Some may think that getting a bigger bottle would be better, but it is not. Getting a 100ml e-liquid with 250 mg CBD will contain only 0.25% CBD, which means you get less CBD in each puff and you need to take more puffs to get the intake you need. While the 100ml might seem like a bargain, it ends up having less impact.

Mistake 3 - Using a Big Tank and Coil For CBD

One common mistake people make is using their normal vape kit for CBD e-liquids. CBD e-liquid is fairly runny, so you don't want to put it in your usual tank because it's likely to drip out of the air holes. This is going to waste CBD and can make a mess as well.

The best thing to use when vaping CBD would be a starter kit or pod device. The good thing about this is that they are usually well priced, making it ok for normal vaping to have a separate vape device.


Mistake 4 - Confusing Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Some people believe hemp oil and CBD oil are the same, but they are not. Hemp oil contains much less CBD than CBD oil. Hemp oil ends up being better, but you get less. Do not be deceived into thinking that hemp oil will have the same impact as full spectrum CBD. Although it's cheaper, there's a reason for it.

Mistake 5 - Adding Nicotine to CBD E-Liquid

Do not purchase a CBD e-liquid containing nicotine. When nicotine is added, the CBD is degraded. CBD e-liquids are best used for the effects of CBD rather than as an alternate to smoking. Have another e-liquid or even a separate device for nicotine products (both can be obtained on our sister site). Just make sure the CBD oil is kept free of nicotine.


You should now be able to avoid any mistakes when vaping CBD. Buy some CBD e-liquids today, including some CBD e-liquid offers available this Black Friday! Happy vaping and a nice day!

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