CBD and Anxiety

CBD and Anxiety


CBD has many uses in medicine. It can cure many things, from seizures to diabetes, but one of the biggest uses of CBD is to treat anxiety. So today, I am going to talk you through what anxiety is and how CBD helps with it.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your normal response to stress or danger, a fight or flight automatic response from the body triggered when one feels threatened or under pressure. This causes adrenaline to be pumped through the body, so it can cope with whatever stress or danger comes its way. A problem occurs when the response to stress is out of proportion to the actual danger of the situation, or when the anxiety is constant, interfering with your day to day life.

Anxiety disorders are very common. In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK, and that number is rising. Anxiety is known to be the most common mental illness in the world, with one third of the population affected by an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. The World Health Organisation have estimated that 264 million people in the world suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety has many symptoms, including:


  • Pounding heart
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dry mouth


  • Anticipating the worst
  • Irritability
  • Feeling detached
  • Agitation

CBD and Anxiety

Many studies have suggested that CBD can treat anxiety. Most pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medications can have side effects like drowsiness or headaches, but studies have proven CBD reduces anxiety with little to no side effects. CBD oil has been used to treat insomnia and anxiety in kids suffering from PTSD.

How CBD cures anxiety


CBD binds to 5-HTIA, a specific receptor of serotonin, which is important because anxiety can be treated with medicines that target the serotonin system. Similar to other anti-anxiety medications, CBD is thought to boost signaling through serotonin receptors. These receptors are thought to play the strongest role in anxiety disorders.


Hippocampal Neurogenesis

The hippocampus is an extremely important part of the brain, as it controls your emotions, as well as your cognition and memory. Stress and anxiety can cause damage to neurons, leading to a smaller hippocampus. Studies have sound that repeated administration of CBD can lead to neural regeneration.

Now you should know what anxiety is and how it can help treat anxiety. Happy Vaping!


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