CBD and Seizures - The Story of Charlotte Figi

CBD and Seizures - The Story of Charlotte Figi

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CBD is perhaps most known for its ability to reduce seizures. This was discovered with the story of Charlotte Figi. Today, I am going to tell you her story.


Charlotte Figi suffered from a form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. This is a very rare and very serious condition. Approximately 1 in every 500 children suffers from this condition. She had her first seizure at three months, which lasted a full 30 minutes. A few months later, her seizures became more frequent and more severe, each lasting up to 4 hours. At most, she would have 300 seizures a week.

At age two, Charlotte experienced cognitive decline and autistic-like behaviour. She would injure herself, have aggressive outbursts and be reluctant to make eye contact with people around her. At age three, she was wheelchair-bound and couldn't talk or eat.

Charlotte and many other cases have been an ongoing discussion within the community, with much research continued to be carried out.


Her parents and doctors had tried all they could to help this girl, but with no luck. Her grandpa had started reading success stories about cannabis helping to treat children. The family decided that, since all other treatment hadn't worked, there was nothing to lose with trying cannabis. They tried some cannabis oil and, in the first week, her seizures fell dramatically from 300 to 0.

After this, Charlotte started to have shorter and fewer seizures. Relieved, her parents tried to find a way to get CBD oil on a regular basis. They went to the Stanley Brothers, who grew medicinal marijuana and had created a unique strand with 30:1 ratio of CBD to THC, created for a strain that has all the medicinal advantages of cannabis without the psychological side effects.

The parents started to use this strand on Charlotte, and it worked really well.  The treatment worked so well that the Stanley Brothers decided to name the strand after her, calling it "Charlotte's Web".


Not long after this happened, Heather Jackson used this on her son Zaki, who suffers from an early form of epilepsy called  Doose Syndrome, once again, with great success. These stories became international news and the questions flooded in, with all parents asking if this was suitable for their kids.

A growing number of people have been helped by Charlotte's Web and similar CBD oils, meaning CBD is an effective treatment for seizures. Now, thanks to Charlotte, CBD has become a popular way to treat epilepsy, and doctors around the world are trying to get it legalised.

Charlotte, meanwhile, now lives a normal healthy life. Her seizures have been reduced to twice or thrice a month, and she can now walk, talk and eat, all thanks to CBD, and the Stanley Brothers.

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