The Many Ways of Taking CBD

The Many Ways of Taking CBD Protection Status

CBD has been shown to help treat a variety of ailments, from anxiety and pain to insomnia and seizures. But what is the best way to take it? Today I will guide you through all the ways you can take CBD.

CBD Oils

The first, and most popular, is CBD oils. CBD Oils is a simple liquid with CBD in that you can either take in your food or sublingually.

The bottle comes with a dripper, so it can easily be dripped into food or under the tongue. Some CBD oils are tateless, so are better in food, since it doesn't change the taste of what you're eating. Others, like the Somnio Chocolate Hazelnut Oil, are better taken sublingully.

To take it sublingually, just drop the recommended amount of drops under your tongue and leave them for a minute. The oil will then be absorbed by the blood vessels under the tongue, after which you can swallow the oil.

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CBD E-Liquids

With vaping being a big part in today's society, the CBD market is full of e-liquids for you to enjoy.  

E-Liquids are used by pouring some into a vape tank, which attaches to a vape mod. When the mod is activated, the coils in the tank heat up, evaporating the e-liquid.

E-Liquid usually contains Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycerol. This controls the vape cloud and the throat hit respectively. They also contain various flavourings depending on what you pick. Normal e-liquids contain nicotine, an addictive substance also found in cigars, and the reason many people move to vaping from smoking. CBD e-liquids however replace the nicotine with CBD.

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CBD Creams and Balms

One way of getting CBD without having to digest it is with the creams and balms. These are rubbed on the skin over the infected area. 

Once the CBD is applied to the skin, the skin absorbs it and attaches to the cannabinoid receptors to provide with the health benefits you need.

These creams can come in different aromas, from coconut to chocolate, giving you a wonderful smell as well as a good feeling.

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CBD Tablets and Capsules

Tablets are a very common way of taking medication, so obviously you can get CBD tablets. 

Like normal tablets, these are taken by simply swallowing the pill and having a glass of water after it to help it go down easily.

Also like normal tablets, these are tasteless. You can easily find out how many you need to take since they are all the same size, with the strength listed on the box.

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CBD Edibles

Edibles are one of the most common ways of getting CBD.

Edibles are simply foods, typically sweets, infused with CBD. Like tablets, edibles are easy to take, since each edible contains the same amount of CBD, and the strength is typically listed on the packaging.

CBD edibles come in a number of different ways, from simple gummies (like Koi CBD's Tropical Gummies) to chocolates, chewing gum, coffee, lemonade and even flapjacks!

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CBD Bath Bombs

Another way of getting CBD is through bath bombs.

Bath bombs give off chemicals when in water, creating a fizzing effect and changing the colour of the water. The chemicals released in CBD Bombs can help to heal the skin and the body.

These, like the creams, can come in a variety of aromas, so you can have a wonderful smell when you're bathing.

Check out some CBD Bath Bombs today, including the Lemongrass and Kiwi.


Now you can decide the best way to get your CBD. Have a nice day!

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